Thursday, 30 January 2014

Task 2 - Exhibition review medway photo.

For my review i will speak about - Fon-du and Fusion. 
     Firstly focusing on Fon-du which was held at Sun pier house in Chatham. On first examination the space was very nice with lots of natural light pouring in which gave the space a very inviting atmosphere which i found very good , the space was also very clean with white walls which enhanced the photographers work. It had high ceilings and  a clean floor also. When I started to look at the work and go around the exhibition it almost felt has if it had a start and end point to the whole exhibition as i moved through the space and that was very clever because i got to see each person work equally instead of missing work. I really enjoying the fact that each person approach was different with the use of computers and iPads i got to explore the visual photographs on screen as well as normal photographs on paper. I liked the fact that some pieces of work had been present extremely well will lovely wooden frames, this gave the high quality impression which i personally really liked and it gave a very good finishing touch to the beautiful photographs of Durdle door. I really think that Fon-du did an exceptional exhibition also because they had given extra information with postcards and books that relate to the concept and idea of the work which was very helpful and the descriptions of the work was next to it so i could read that then look closer at the photographs. 
     Secondly Fusion which was held at Chatham high street, the overall shop was very light and airy which was very good. When entering the exhibition it was confusing on what to look at first and the images didn't seem to flow very well within the space and the fact that the descriptions of each piece of work was half way across the other side of the room didn't interest me at all. I was looking at the work and to find what the concept was i would have to travel then come back so i didn't enjoying that very much, it would have been improved to have each description under the particular piece.The space was very narrow which i didn't mind but the floor of the exhibition space was very bumping and look very bad and it may have been a trip hazard. as i progress through this exhibition the light source got worst and some areas were very dark and i do not know if this was the intention but it felt as if it did need more light at the rear of this exhibition. The use of the TV's i enjoying very much and this gave variety the the whole exhibition. 
Overall i did enjoy both exhibition and both had much to show and give to the viewer.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Task 5 Brainstorming and Initial Concept

After speaking with my group and discussing our ideas together i have decided that i would like to explore in more depth still life and in particular models from recycled materials and  putting them into nature to 'camouflage' them into a natural environment. I will explore different artist who have produce similar works of art for inspiration for my sculpture. I would like to use plastic, card, paper with a wire frame i could also use wood or rubber for my sculpture. As i progress with my research i will find out which material would be suitable to use and how this will change my message within the image.

 Mark from my group who like to focus on wasted views and he wants to photograph the sunrise and explain that people always miss the best part of the day and that it is wasted. as a group we tried to give mark inspiration for his work. Katie would like to explore wasted spaces such as alley ways or the land which i found a very good idea because i think the photos will come out very well. Madison would like to focus on wasted materials such as tyres and focusing on Edward Burtynsky would be very helpful to him. and i think Beth would like to focus of sculptures also or the waste that schools produce. 

At this stage i am trying to research as much as possible and looking at magazines and books instead of the internet will give my variety and i will find images and texts that i would never find on the internet and by doing this i will educate myself on previous series that other artists have produce on the subject of waste. Using my mind map to explore each avenue will also my key to making sure i really want to explore the 'old to new' theme and building a sculpture to represent my theme and idea.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Robert Bradford - Recycling

Robert Bradford was born in London and he trained at Beckenham school of art, Ravensbourne college of art (painting) B.A and Royal college of art (film) M.A 

Since then Robert has lived in many different places such as South East London, Cornwall and now in Herne Bay. 

Whilst living in Cornwall for 7 years, Robert is very well known for his large 'Bombus Bee' sculpture at the Eden Project. 

He Has exhibited widely in Europe, America and the Emirates. 

One day Robert was looking through his old childrens toys and saw a greater purpose for them. ' I figured that if i could find a way of putting them together to constitute a larger form they would have great potential as larger scale sculptures.'  
He then goes on to say that 'Some people of course just say they are rubbish which of course is perfectly true! There is also often talk about consumerism waste and recycling, which whilst is not my central concern is also in my view positive when it occurs'




Landscape/ environment - Human Waste
                   Animal Waste
                  Consumption waste

               Wasted Life
                Drug Addictions or Alcohol Addictions
                wasted time

            Waste Fashion / Recycled Materials
            Producing Something New From The Old

still life-
Sculptures From Recycled Materials
Food Waste